Since 1994, we have strived to provide the best financial services and investment guidance to business owners in Ontario. We believe in the creation of a strong, secure foundation upon which business and personal financial goals are based and realized.


age 72 - Succession Planning

Status Quo: Sold patent for a software program for 10 million U.S.

Challenge: Concern about his children inheriting his wealth only to either squander it or have some future individual able to access that wealth.

Andreis Methodology: Assess his situation based on both financial and legal concerns and presented what would be his best option in the market place to address and deal with his concerns.

Solution: Took advantage of intergenerational asset transfer offered in specific life policies. Client was able to invest $1,500,000 in each child’s life policy while maintaining full control of the policies. Upon his passing, those growing assets will transfer to the children without going through probate tax or being part of the parent’s estate.

Result: Each child now has a fully invested, non-reporting asset that is creditor-proof from all situations including future spouses and common-law partners.


Construction company owner

age 53 - Risk Mitigation

Status quo: Concerned about his RRSP and TFSA being exposed to the business risks, as he signs personal guarantees for bonded work. Concern that  future perils could see his retirement savings wiped out. Also wants a vehicle that will guarantee him a retirement income.

Challenge: Creditor protect his RRSP and TFSA and find a vehicle that will guarantee investment growth.

Andreis Methodology: portfolio review and analysis of his risk tolerance. Determination of his future income requirements based on assets, desired income and required cashflow based on expense structure. Assessment of open market vehicles with correlation scores above 0.9 only.

Solution: Investment in a variable annuity contract linked to Equity markets with a contractual guarantee to a notional rate of return of 4%.

Result:  Construction company owner gets his cake and eats it too. His retirement money is protected from potential creditors with the added bonus that his RRSP & TFSA will provide him a retirement income for life!